When I started in the wrestling business in the late 1970s, I was very dissatisfied with the quality of wrestling gear available.  It was not only inconsistent in construction, the price was also unbelievably high.  This led me to create my own company: Baddass Wrestlewear.  We started small, but I believed in what we did wholeheartedly.

Teamed with one of the most gifted and respected tailors in the business -- J.J. -- we have turned what was once a very modest company into the best wrestling gear supplier in the industry.  We have become the exclusive source for many of the most recognizable faces in the industry -- men you have seen in WWF/WWE, WCW, and various groups throughout the United States.

We are very proud of what we have achieved over the years, and we will continue to provide our customers with the highest quality gear in the industry.  This is our promise to you.

-- Ken Timbs
"If you want to look like a star, you call these guys.  I know I did!"
- Mick Foley
(Mankind/Cactus Jack)
"They provide the service and quality I demand."
- King Kong Bundy
"The masks are the best in the wrestling business -- best I've ever worn."
- "Bullet" Bob Armstrong
"Fine, dependable people who give me just what I need every time."
- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
"Without exaggeration, the best gear I've ever purchased."
- Dusty Wolfe
A long-time fixture on the professional wrestling scene, "Gentleman" Ken Timbs -- "The Fabulous Blonde" --has been a star in some of the most important regions in the world, including Georgia Championship Wrestling, the American Wrestling Association (AWA), Central States and Mexico.  He is famous for his outrageous personality and colorful attire.
"They've made everything I've ever worn in the ring.  I won't buy from anybody else."
- Dan "The Beast" Severn
Originally from Paris, J.J. learned from some of the best tailors in all of Europe, then spent 10 years in Mexico learning to accurately create Lucha Libre gear.  He became Ken Timbs' exclusive tailor, then helped his boss form what would eventually become Baddass Wrestle Wear.   J.J. is now regarded as the best tailor in the wrestling business.
"Baddass Wrestle Wear is just what you need to look the best."
- Kevin Northcutt
"They are pros in every way -- a true credit to the business."
- Bill Eadie
(Masked Superstar/Demolition Ax)
Nielsen has worked for such companies as Disney and Children's Television Workshop as an animator, and is also a very devoted wrestling fan.  He spent two years as a pro wrestling cameraman on the indy scene, and heads such sites as PlowboyFrazier.com and PercyPringle.com.   He did all the illustrations and writing for the site.