Every sport out there has gear that is made specifically for it: football has helmets, baseball has jerseys, tennis has tennis shoes.  Wrestling is really no different.  True, you have much more leeway than any other sport -- that is obvious! -- but there are still a few rules you need to follow in order to be able to compete at the optimum level.  And wearing a proper pair of professional wrestling boots when performing is as important as running shoes for a runner.

A true, well-made wrestling boot is incredibly important for your performance.  Some of the boots out there are pre-made, and they will never give you the fit and support you need.   We have also noticed some are selling a boxing-style boot, which has absolutely no place in the wrestling ring at all.  The best wrestling gear fits like a glove, and when your business involves such high-end athletics, it does not pay to go with a lesser quality item of any sort.

We offer these directly.  These are a top quality leather wrestling boot.  They are available in various colors and sizes.

1. Stand on a piece of paper and draw around each foot.

2. List your shoe size

3. Measure around the ball of your foot, your ankle, and how high up you want the shank of the boot to go on your leg.

* If you have very large calves, ask for an extra-wide tongue *
As they say, "you get what you pay for."  A poorly-made boot will hurt your ankles and feet, not to mention your joints and spine.  You will never be able to work them in -- they'll never fit correctly.  They certainly won't help your career one bit.

To judge a good boot, you start by making sure the stitching is strong.  The crepe sole must be cut correctly, and the materials should be of good quality throughout.  They should fit you correctly from the time of purchase, and offer support to the arch.  Shank height makes no difference at all -- it is merely cosmetic.

We trust no one to make boots for us but Clifford Macias.  He runs a little, nondescript place in Houston, which just happens to supply boots to such stars as The Rock and Booker T.   He makes everything by hand to your exact measurements.  You simply cannot find a better boot anywhere.