The Ins and Outs of Purchasing
We have been doing this for over 20 years, and want you to know there is a certain formula to buying when you first start out in the pro wrestling business.  We are not trying to sell you a bunch of gear we have sitting in the back of a warehouse, or something you don't really need.  There are certain facts to consider when you begin, and here's what you suggest you do initially.

The pro look should start with a good foundation.  Use professional undertights, not underwear of a jock strap.  Nothing looks less professional than wadded-up briefs or the lines made by traditional undergarments, such as boxers.  Jock straps give a strange line across the rear, and cups do the same for the front.   Undertights provide the support and foundation you need to make your outfit look good.  It is important to choose undertights that don't show through your wrestling gear.

Next comes the body shirt, long tights, trunks and/or singlet.  The look you choose is up to you, but we initially suggest you go with a more non-descript look, then build upon it as your career develops.  It's no good wasting money on a gimmick that will never see the light of day.
These are the pre-set outfit packages, which make it much easier to make your initial purchase.  They give you good quality gear at a discounted price.

This will give you standard colors -- no variants.

Standard mask, butcher, tights & shirt

Olympic singlet, undertights &  knee pads

Steiner singlet, undertights & knee pads


Tights with design, undertights and knee pads

Standard trunks, undertights, knee & elbow pads

Lined butcher & mask

Tarzan singlet, tights & knee pads

Butcher, tights & mask
The base cost  will be around $150-$175 to start, which would give you a pair of long tights with a simple design, with a pair of regular trunks (to go over the tights), or long tights with a butcher top (looks like a singlet, but goes over the trunks).    We try to encourage first time buyers to get a package with a singlet, undertights and a mask.  This should be in a combination of red and black, which lends itself to several roles which you can play in the business. 

We also highly recommend every wrestler carry a mask with them, in case they are required to play another character on the card.  You never know when one wrestler is unable to appear, and you might be asked to sub for him on the card.  It pays to be prepared, and you will be more sought after for being so.
Knee and elbow pads will help you from getting too many mat burns, as well as prevent certain injuries from taking place.  Shin guards are not really needed, unless they are for your gimmick -- they provide no real protection in the professional wrestling ring.  Good wrestling boots will protect you as well.  We always discourage people from wearing sneakers and street shoes in the ring because they don't offer the correct support, and will leave you prone to injury.  Many people are apprehensive about paying $250 and up for a good boot, but if you are serious about being a professional wrestler, nothing else will do.  As stated above, these items should be black or red, or of a neutral color -- this fits in with more gimmicks.
We offer several packages, which you can take advantage of.  This will remove a lot of the guesswork out of your first purchase -- usually an intimidating proposition.  When you become more established, you will become more savvy to the ways of the business, and you will start finding out what gear works for you best and what does not.   But we truly think you will be most satisfied by starting out this way.