On top of all the fine pro wrestling attire we make, we are proud to offer you these other items, to make your wrestling experience complete.  As with all our items, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
TURNBUCKLE PADS - $22 each (standard style)
Standard pads are 21" x  9" or 18" x 18" x 18 1/2" , but we can make any size needed, and in any color.  Pads are covered by standard Marine-grade naugahyde.  Material is water and sweat-resistant.  Each buckle has four brass grommets on each end.   Designs and logos are extra.

RING APRONS - Email for pricing

Aprons (or skirts) are made to fit around the ring.  Measure 16' X 16" X 36". They come in four sections with a rope running through them, so they can be attached to the ring.  The apron comes in various colors.  Designs and logos are extra.

RING CANVAS - Email for pricing
Heavy canvas that is made to cover a 16' X 16' wrestling ring.   Has brass grommets all around so it can be anchored to the frame.   Canvas comes in various colors.  Designs and logos are extra.

PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING RING - Call or Email for pricing
(shipping extra)
These are the same type of rings that you saw on WCW television.    They measure 16' by 16'.  This package consists of 4 steel ring posts, the ring frame, steel bump bars, wood panels (for flooring),  mat padding, 3 ring ropes, turnbuckles, ring canvas and aprons.  Designs and logos are extra.
Singlets start at $25

We have designed amateur singlets for several teams across the United States and abroad.  Recently we made the jackets and singlets for the Russian National Team (pictured right), as they headed into tournament competition.  Amateur wrestling is something we are very involved in, and we are quite well-versed in the creation of the required gear.

As with all our products, these items are custom-fitted to your exact measurements.  Designs can be applied, at an extra charge.
SOUVENIER MASKS (pull-over) - $5 each
These are the same masks you see sold to kids at many wrestling events.  Just like with our adult masks, these are better quality than the standard offerings, but these are simply intended for play, not professional use.  They come in an assortment of colors and styles, all of them very basic.  (We also have discounts for large orders.  Contact us for details.)

SOUVENIER MASKS (lace-up) - $15
A better quality mask, which is laced up on the back.  These cost more, but will last longer.  (We also have discounts for large orders.  Contact us for details.)