An outfit that wears almost like a 1-piece bathing suit, with straps going over the shoulders.  These are based on amateur singlets, but have a much different style.  Here are a few popular varieties...

THE TARZAN CUT - (Seen right) Has one strap across the shoulder.  Worn on its own or with contrasting tights underneath.  Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jerry "The King" Lawler wear this style.

THE STEINER CUT - Like a singlet with legs.   The Steiner Brothers and Kurt Angle wear this style.

THE HENNIG CUT - Like The Steiner, but it covers up most of the chest instead of dipping down.  Curt Hennig made this look popular.

- Styled like Olympic wrestling gear, where the front is more narrow and the middle is slightly raised.  Ken Patera and Bob Armstrong wear this style.
(Plain item)

Standard, French-Cut
Bikini, Wrestling Shorts, etc.
*Please Specify Height
of trunk*

Standard, Butcher, Tarzan, Steiner, Hennig, Olympic, etc.

Standard, Boot-Cut,

TAJARI - Baggy pants with tie sash - $130


$20 extra for waists
over 52" (XXL)

$25 extra  for exotic fabrics (stretch vinyls, metallic finishes, etc.)


Standard 2"
$2.00 each

Standard 3"
$3.00 each

Add $1.00 per inch after 3"

Hand-drawn or special letters:
$3.00 eac

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Looks like a singlet, but has another use.  Worn in conjunction with other wrestling wear, like the Assassin-style costume (seen right), where the Butcher goes over the tights and wrestling-cut shirt.  Can also be worn underneath the standard trunk -- an effective tool for wrestlers trying to hide their stomachs.

T-STRAP BUTCHER - We always recommend this cut, as the straps do not slip down during the match.  As the name implies, there is a t-strap in the back, for support.

STANDARD BUTCHER - Features two separate straps.
The wrestling names for anything that functions as pants.  You have incredible amounts of leeway with this style.  Here are a few popular styles...

STANDARD TIGHTS - Long tights that cut off at the ankle.  This is the style worn by most wrestlers today.

BOOT-CUT TIGHTS - Long tights with footing down at the bottom, so they won't ride up.  We don't recommend this style, as they get tugged down during the match.

TAJARI/BAGGY PANTS - Pants that go over the boot, instead of inside.  Very popular. Florida Rehab - popular medcenters in Florida.
Standard Trunk
French-Cut Trunk
Bikini Trunk Wrestling Shorts
The classic style, which can be worn in various heights,  7"-9" being average.  Big Show wears an 11"  height.  Can also be worn low in the leg, like Ric Flair.
Has 3/4" sides.  Usually worn by bodybuilders or men with lege legs, as it provides a better fit.  Alex Wright and Lex Lugar wore this style.
Not a typical wrestling style, but still used on occasion, when the need arises. A look  that is fast becoming common.  Jeff Jarrett and Billy Gunn wear this style.  Also popular with the UFC fighters, who have a sightly different cut.