For an industry that has birthed some of the most flamboyant characters in all of entertainment, it strangely took several decades before the ring attire matched the package.  This is not to say wild robes, hats and make up weren't prevalent -- they have been around for nearly half a century.  But when the gear came off, and it was time to wrestle, there were very few things that would differentiate the attire of one wrestler from the other.

Standard trunks were the most actively worn item in the ring.  A few wrestlers wore long tights or plain singlets, cut in the amateur style, or overalls, if playing a hillbilly gimmick.  These styles were not the norm, and most of them were quite plain.  Almost everything was black or in a sedate primary color.  Even Gorgeous George -- the most outrageous of all the early performers -- wore regulation trunks in the ring, with no adornment whatsoever.  Looking back to this period, young fans must wonder why George was considered so outrageous, if they base their experience solely on his in-ring attire.
(Plain item)

Standard, French-Cut
Bikini, Wrestling Shorts, etc.
*Please Specify Height
of trunk*

Standard, Butcher, Tarzan, Steiner, Hennig, Olympic, etc.

Standard, Boot-Cut,

TAJARI - Baggy pants with sash - $175


$20 extra for waists
over 46" (XL)

$25 extra for exotic fabrics (stretch vinyls, metallic finishes, etc.)


Standard 2"
$2.00 each

Standard 3"
$3.00 each

Add $1.00 per inch after 3"

Hand-drawn or special letters:
$3.00 eac

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But you cannot blame the old guard for not dressing up to their gimmick.  Fabrics at the time were not as they are today.  Nothing could hold up to regular use better than wool, and later a jersey blend.  It was cumbersome and there was not much you could do with it, but the fabric did the job.  And for a guy wrestling 5 nights a week, always on the road, it was the smartest way to go.

A few wresters managed to break the style barrier, by introducing different cuts and color combinations.  Jesse "The Body" Ventura, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Mil Mascaras, Sweet Daddy Siki and "Gentleman" Ken Timbs were early pioneers.  But as a whole, the limitations set by fabrics of the era held back the general populace.

In the early 80s, Spandex was introduced to the mass market, and suddenly everything changed for the wrestling business.  Wilder and wilder looks soon began to appear.  Spandex truly revolutionized the business, and it has never been the same since.
The World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) took the new liberties to the next level, as part of their marketing strategy.  They began designing their performers like they were comic book heroes, rather than presenting them as mere wrestlers.  All of a sudden the industry had to follow suit to keep up, as their high-end designs became the rule, rather than the exception.

We have designed many of the looks you have seen on WWE and WCW programs, and are more than willing to provide you with that same quality and innovation.  Any look you can dream up can be provided by us   Who knows, maybe your look will become the one that others will start to emulate!